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Юридические услуги

Registration of non-profit organizations

(establishments, unions, associations etc.)

“Business Solutions” company offers a range of services for all necessary activities related to the creation of any non-profit organizations (NPO).

A nonprofit organization is an organization for which profit-making is not the main objective of its activity and its income is not distributed among the participants.

Non-profit organizations can be established to achieve social, charity, cultural, educational, scientific and managerial purposes in order to protect public health, develop physical culture and sports, meet spiritual and non-material needs of citizens, protect rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations, settle disputes and conflicts, provide legal assistance as well as for other purposes aimed at achieving public welfare.

Non-profit organizations can be set up in various forms prescribed by federal laws of the Russian Federation.

Forms of non-profit organizations:

social or religious organizations (associations), non-profit partnerships, institutions, autonomous non-profit organizations, foundations, associations and unions, consumer cooperatives, horticultural, market - gardening and dacha non-commercial associations of citizens.

Registration of non-profit organizations of any organizational and legal form, except for consumer cooperatives, government and local authorities, as well as state and municipal agencies, is currently provided by territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice.

To register a non-profit organization you will have to collect and prepare a set of necessary documents, and then pay the state duty for registration of a non-profit organization.

Registering non-profit organizations requires submission the following documents:

- Application for registration of non-profit organizations (№ PN0001) in 2 copies, on one of which the applicant's signature is certified by a notary;

- The charter of your organization in 3 copies (the first copy goes to the archive of tax authority, the second is for the archives of the Ministry of Justice, the third is handed to the applicant upon completion of registration);

-Minutes of the general meeting of founders or sole decision of the sole founder on establishment of a non-profit organization;

- Receipt confirming payment of state duty;

- Documents confirming location of the organization (legal address).

It must be noted that the registration documents of a non-profit organization must be submitted to the registration authority not later than three months from the time a decision is made on the establishment of the organization.

Upon receiving the documents from the registering authority it will be necessary to register the organization in the tax authorities, get the statistics codes, produce a stamp and open a bank account.

When registering a non-profit organization you will face various nuances and peculiarities of this procedure, which is largely determined by a chosen legal form. But the main difficulty in establishing a non-profit organization is to develop a charter. Each charter is individual. Many items will differ in each individual company, there aren’t any templates in this case. Also, what makes the situation more complicated is that the registration authority carefully and meticulously examines every charter, so there is always a probability to get a refusal.

However, it's worth it, because a distinct advantage of a non-profit organization is tax relief because special-purpose receipts of non-profit organizations are not considered profit and are not taxed. Non-profit organizations are not for profit and constant money-making, but for achieving social, cultural, scientific and other purposes, aimed at various kinds of public welfare.

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