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Registration of amendments to incorporation documents

(change of the founding members of an organization, change of corporate name, change of an organization’s address of location, increase of authorized capital, bringing JSC, LLC incorporation documents to conformity, change of activities (GCEAC codes) change of directors, change of passport data of a member or administrator)

In the course of business of any legal entity there always appears a necessity to make changes in the constituent documents of the company. All amendments in the company documents must be registered with a registering body. Any change to the legal entity is confirmed by relevant documents issued by the registering authority, namely Certificate of Amendment in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and extract from USRLE.

Full range of services concerning amendments made to LLC, OJSC, CJSC, analysis of constituent documents, preparation of documents for registration of amendments, submission and receipt of the documents from a registering authority can be obtained at the company “Business Solutions”.

Basic amendments entered into a company’s documents and USRLE:

- change of corporate name

- change of an organization’s registered address
- change of activity according to GCEAC
- increase or decrease of the authorized capital of a company
- change in members of a company (entry – cessation of membership)
- change of the head of organization
- change of passport data of a director and a founder of a company
- re-registration of a company

Documents for amendments to be made in USRLE

For any amendments made ​​into incorporation documents a standard package of documents is required, which helps to trace the history of the company and prepare the documents properly for the registration of amendments:

- applicable company’s Charter
- extract from USRLE
- certificates of TIN and PSRN
- decision /memorandum on company’s establishment;
- order of appointment of the head of a company;

All changes are divided into the amendments which must be entered into incorporation documents of a company and the changes which are not required to be entered into incorporation documents of a company.

Amendments made into incorporation documents, amendments related to a company's charter are: change of corporate name, change of an organization’s registered address, change of activity, change in the amount of authorized capital, etc.
Changes that do not require to make amendments into incorporation documents of a company are: change of a company’s director, change in members, etc.

For all changes concerning entry of amendments made into incorporation documents of a company, form 13001 is submitted and state duty is paid from the account of an organization.

For all changes that do not require entry of amendments into incorporation documents, form 14001 is submitted.

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