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Information about the company

In 2011, as a result of uniting a team of professional lawyers and linguists (professionals in the field of translation) the consulting company “Business Solution” was established. Association of professionals in the field of law and linguistics allowed to consolidate similar in importance for both ordinary citizens and business areas - legal and linguistic and allowed to offer individuals (citizens) and legal entities (companies) an integrated approach to solving the most diverse, complex issues that arise in the course of daily life and in business.

Combining law and linguistic (translation) services, "Business Solutions" company brightly distinguishes itself in the market of Voronezh city, and has several advantages over companies that provide services in only one of these fields.

The team of "Business Solutions" consists of Russian and foreign specialists in law and linguistics, including lawyers, translators, appraisers, editors, who have extensive experience.

Experience and contacts of our specialists allow to solve any of your problems within the shortest period of time.

Lawyers and translators of "Business Solutions" have significant experience in project work for opening companies abroad, carrying out transactions abroad, offering both legal and complex linguistic support for transactions. Our experts can offer you not only legal assistance with opening a business in any country of the world, but also help with translation of all documentation, including constituent documents, which allows you to make an order at the same place and to save your time greatly as well as your financial expenses.

Technological capabilities and experience of our translators allow us to translate technical, legal, regulatory, contractual, scientific and other documentation. The company employs more than 50 translators, including experts in law, economics and finance, construction, aviation, space technology, oil and gas industry, etc., who do translations from more than 20 world languages.

The company also employs editors - native speakers and Russian editors who are responsible for proofreading and correcting the text of each translation so that it conforms to the norms of the target language and to the term base of each specific industry of translation, which helps to ensure the quality of our services.

Use of automated translation systems provides the opportunity to work with a large volume of documentation, to work with large and long-term projects, preserving at the same time the consistency of terminology and compliance to the style.

Along with translation services our company provides for businesses and individuals such services as notarial certification, apostille and consular legalization of document translations, including the service of urgent consular legalization (7-8 days from the receipt of the document) that allows the customer to save time significantly.

The company's lawyers have extensive practical experience in various areas of civil, administrative, land and air laws and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with help and advice on any subject.

Our customers are CJSC «Aircompany «Polet» as well as companies belonging to its group, Aerospace Corporation "Air Launch", travel agency "Polet Service", Voronezh Visa Center, other Russian and foreign companies.

For example, specialists of "Business Solutions" have repeatedly accompanied large business projects of the Aircompany "Polet", helped in the implementation of complex transactions involving the acquisition of aircrafts, machinery and equipment. In addition, the specialists of "Business Solutions" constantly assist the group of companies "Polet" in cooperation with foreign partners and investors on various issues at various levels of difficulty. We help foreign companies to do business in the modern realities of Russia.

"Business Solutions" company is always oriented to its Customers, trying to find approach to everyone and give its customers maximal attention. We are recommended to friends and colleagues, and our Clients, as a rule, constantly address to us, when the help of lawyers and /or translators is needed. They trust us and they are satisfied with the quality of our services.



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For details concerning employment, please, contact us by the phone: 8 (473) 257-38-03.