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Administrative proceeding (administrative violations)

(representation of interests while making an appeal against decisions in respect of individual citizens, individual enterprises, legal entities)

Very often individual citizens and legal entities have to deal with different state administrative bodies - tax authorities, customs authorities, State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (STSI) and many others.

Most often it is connected with the imposition of administrative sanctions in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offences (Administrative Code).

“Business Solutions” company offers a service of challenge (appeal) of the decisions on bringing to administrative liability.

It must be remembered that administrative prosecution has limited time for appealing - from 10 days to 30 days from the date of the receipt of a copy of an order on administrative liability (penalty imposition).

Grounds for challenging administrative decisions are different and in each case it is necessary to individually determine the possibility of reversing the decision.

“Business Solutions” company provides the following services related to administrative proceeding:

- Participation of a lawyer in the proceedings on administrative violations in the bodies of administrative jurisdiction (courts)

-Representation of interests while making an appeal against an order issued against citizens

-Representation of interests in challenging the judgments and decisions made in respect of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

The most frequent controversial issues of administrative liability include:

Administrative violations in the field of traffic regulation (STSI penalties)

- Driving a vehicle in a state of alcoholic intoxication, transfer of driving to a person who is in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

- Violation of crossroads driving regulations.

- Violation of maneuvering regulations.

- Violation of the regulations of vehicle position on the traffic way, regulations of oncoming pass-by or overtaking.

- Failure to comply with the requirements prescribed by traffic signs or road markings.

- A driver’s failure to comply with the requirements to undergo medical examination for alcoholic intoxication.

- Failure to comply with obligations in connection with a traffic accident.

Administrative violations in the field of entrepreneurship:

- Entrepreneurial activity without state registration or without a special permit (license).

- Violation of the legislation on advertising.

- Sale of goods, performance of works or provision of public services of poor quality or with violation of sanitary regulations.

- Consumer fraud.

- Infringement of other consumer rights.

- Dishonest competition.

Administrative violations in the area of ​​finance, taxes and duties, securities market:

- Violation of order of work with cash and order of work with cash transactions.

- Failure to monitor the compliance with the rules of cash transactions

- Violation of the deadline for registration with the tax authority.

Administrative violations in the field of customs procedures (customs violation).

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