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Юридические услуги

Execution proceeding

(legal support of execution proceeding, compulsory execution of the court’s decision, solution of any issues connected with the bailiff service)

“Business Solutions” company offers its Clients the service of supporting execution proceeding at all its stages.

Winning a case in court and obtaining the appropriate solution does not mean getting your money back. Procedure of execution proceeding gives debtors a lot of opportunities and ways to hide their assets and not to pay their debts. In order to maximize a creditor’s protection of his rights, it is necessary to know the basics of the legislation regulating the process of debt recovery. Basing on a court’s decision, it is necessary to apply to the district bailiffs' service with a petition to institute executory process, as well as to apply for a writ of execution. At the same time, there is no need to think that the bailiffs will immediately take swift action. Currently, the bailiffs are overloaded with work, each bailiff has several thousand cases.

In addition, after initiation of the proceedings a bailiff under the law must provide a debtor with 5 days for voluntary payment of the debt. This time is enough for a debtor to reregister his property available in the name of a third party in full or in its greater part, to transfer money to other accounts. In the cases where bailiffs determine the fact of any asset availability, it also cannot serve as a guarantee of debt repayment. Before visiting a debtor for the purpose of making an inventory list and performing seizure of property, the bailiffs inform about the time of their arrival in advance in order to ensure the presence of the owners. In practice, the opposite thing often happens - a debtor avoids the seizure, stretches the time and again gets the opportunity to get rid of the property. As a result of this work, it will only remain to admit complete hopelessness of the recovery.

It should be noted that even if the bailiffs manage to arrest the property, this may entail a lot of problems. In an apartment or office at the time of the inventory there may be things that belong to third parties, which leads to an appeal against actions of the bailiffs and suspension of the proceedings. All this causes delays in the recovery procedure and opens up new opportunities for a debtor to counteract. Unfortunately, we have to admit the fact that the state is not able to protect the rights of its citizens in this area properly, so you should never leave the course of execution proceedings unattended.

The following measures allow to significantly improve the efficiency of work of the bailiffs service:

- regular reminders from interested parties;

- maximal assistance to the executive bodies;                                                                          

- appeal against unlawful actions.

The specialists of “Business Solutions” will make the procedure of debt recovery manageable and controlled. The company “Business Solutions” works in collaboration with the bailiffs, providing them with the necessary information about the debtors, their money and property, as well as preparing the algorithm of actions aimed at the real debt recovery, not at the termination of execution proceedings.

The range of services includes the following:
- assessment of the prospects for recovery under a writ of execution;
- development of an action plan for recovery of the debt;
- collecting information about the debtor;
- obtaining a writ of execution;
- restoration of missed time limits under writs;
- monitoring work of the bailiffs service;
- representing a customer’s interests in the course of execution proceedings;
- appeal against actions of the bailiffs;
- protection of interests of the third parties that are not parties to the execution proceedings;
- recovery of losses caused by the fault of the bailiffs;
- documentation accompanying recovery process;
- legal consulting.

It should be noted that support of execution proceeding is essential not only for claimants, but also for defendants. A debtor is not always a malicious defaulter, but often he just cannot repay the debt due to some life circumstances. This category of customers may receive the following services:

- obtaining a delay in payment or installment payment of debt;

- release of impounded property;

- ease of restrictions on a debtor’s freedom (if possible);

- recovery of losses caused by the bailiffs;

- protection of interests in the course of execution proceedings;

- legal advice.

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