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Юридические услуги

Reimbursement (recovery) of debts

(reimbursement (recovery) of debts from individuals)

“Business Solutions” company provides complex legal services of reimbursement (recovery) of debts.

Our goal is to achieve real debt repayments by most optimal, cost-effective and reasonable legal means. So, first of all, specialists of “Business Solutions” seek to solve the problem in the pretrial order. This is achieved by the high legal qualification of our professionals, their long-lasting experience and knowledge of all peculiarities of negotiation process. This is due to what the debtor realizes the obvious fact that pre-trial resolution of the dispute is beneficial to both parties. As practice shows, the position of negotiation with the debtor guarantees 70% of debt repayment in the pretrial order. Moreover, it helps to preserve the business relationship between the two parties of the dispute.

Judicial recovery of debt in the court is the last and most effective opportunity to receive a debt repayment.

The Company “Business Solutions” implements the whole process of judicial debt recovery. Our specialists will help you to draw up a legally competent and substantiated statement of claim to the court. In the course of judicial proceedings we use the most rapid and efficient legal methods of debt recovery. We also monitor and control the entire course of execution proceedings upon the judicial decision.

“Business Solution” company offers the following services of debt recovery:

- legal advice on debt settlement;
- examination, analysis of documentation and the prospects of recovery;
- mediation (alternative dispute resolution) and claims handling (dispute settlement out of court)   for debt recovery;
- preparation and filing of a statement of claim to the court;

- legal representation at all stages of the proceedings;

- support of recovery process and execution proceedings: initiation of execution proceedings, representation of a client’s interests in the Bailiffs Service.

Dept recovery is a time consuming and complicated process. “Business Solution” company can make it as short and efficient as possible.

 How to find out about the cost of services and order a professional consultation?

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