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Юридические услуги

Pre-trial dispute resolution

(preparation of claims, participation in negotiations)

There are certain situations, for which dispute settlement procedure has extrajudicial nature, i.e before judicial settlement of such situations, pretrial preparation of a claim submitted to the defendant is required.

If pre-trial extrajudicial work does not bring the desired result, you should file a claim to court.

A competently prepared pretrial claim will help to solve disagreements between the parties and prevent unwanted judicial costs.

“Business Solution” company performs preparation of pretrial claims professionally and convincingly, which helps to persuade the counterparty, to which the claim is presented, to the voluntary implementation of its requirements.

We also provide legal support if a pre-trial claim is filed to our client. The specialists of “Business Solutions” will assess the substantiation of the claims presented to the Client and develop several options to resolve conflict.

Regardless of the subject matter and complexity of a conflict, the specialists of “Business Solutions” prepare pre-trial claims at short notice with mandatory performance of the whole complex of extrajudicial activities:

- Analysis of the provided information and documents.

- Development of measures for the legal pre-trial settlement of the dispute (suggest optimal solutions for both parties of the dispute).

- Preparation of pre-trial claims with legally justified, reasoned calculation of the sums of claims and penalties, with an explanation of legal consequences and notification of further actions of the victim.

- Filing a pretrial claim to the person who violated the rights and interests of the Client.

- Participation in negotiations on pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

- Preparation of pre-trial claims is accompanied by legal consultation of our clients on all matters related to the extrajudicial work.

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