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Юридические услуги

Drawing up treaties, agreements, contracts and related documents

(purchase and sale, rent, loan, deed of gift, labour contract, marriage contract etc.).

A contract is the most common type of a transaction. A contract is an agreement between two or more parties on establishment, modification or termination of rights and duties. Drafting contracts, agreements, treaties is the main procedure of any workflow management. However, few people know how to do it correctly. Even fewer people know how to clearly formulate all the provisions of a treaty, agreement, contract in such a way that none of them causes any doubts from a legal point of view.

To be sure that no problems will arise, “Business Solutions” company offers services of drawing up treaties, agreements, contracts and their accompanying documents.

Prior to proceeding with a treaty, agreement or contract drafting, the specialists of “Business Solutions” will analyze the need itself in concluding such a treaty, agreement, contract, taking into account all the features of a client's situation. Sometimes after such a preliminary analysis there appears a necessity to draw up a completely different treaty, agreement, contact.

The specialists of “Business Solutions” can accurately draw up a treaty, agreement, contract, of any kind, including:

- purchase and sale

- rent

- loan

- gift

- labour contract

- marriage agreement (contract)

- work and labour contract

- delivery

- cargo transportation

- mortgage

- services

- foreign economic contracts

 “Business Solutions” company warns that the documents which do not comply with legal requirements entail a number of negative consequences, such as:

- rescission of a contract;

- a contract may be recognized as unconcluded;

- inability to get what is due under the contract;

- imposition of unreasonable tax expenses.

In order not to face such situations in practice you should transfer the responsibility of drafting contracts to those who really know how to do it – to the specialists of “Business Solutions”.

Competent legal services in contract drafting is the key to future success! 

How to find out about the cost of services and order a professional consultation?

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