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Юридические услуги

Legal examination of the documents submitted by a Client

(examination of agreements, contracts, instructions, orders and any other documents)

Legal examination of documents is the study and analysis of the materials provided by a Client made in order to check their compliance with applicable laws, objectives and interests of the client and to provide recommendations on how to eliminate detected violations and inconsistencies or to find alternatives.

We recommend to carry out legal examination of all important documents and, as practice shows, this approach always makes it possible to exclude the adverse consequences for our clients. Legal expertise can be both an independent service and a part of other legal services.

In the course of legal examination of the documents it is possible to determine legal consequences of signing such documents, their compliance with the general requirements of Federal laws, Codes, and regulations approved by the authorities, as well as with other laws and regulations; to identify and prevent the violation of law, which may occur in the process of preparation and use of the documents submitted for examination.

For legal expertise it is enough for a client to provide copies of the documents for examination and formulate the task to a specialist. Documents for examination can be submitted by any way convenient for you: in person, by mail or by E-mail.

A specialist of “Business Solutions” checks correctness of a document’s drafting, assesses its general form and content, determines the type of a document (contracts of lease, delivery, work and labour, services, etc.), checks a document’s compliance with legal requirements, focusing on your requirements and the requirements of current legislation.

Legal examination can be carried out with an oral conclusion when the specialist gives his general opinion and gives a legal assessment of the document.

Such a conclusion would be appropriate in relation to a not large, individual, disposable document such as, a letter of attorney, a contract of a simple form, an act and other simple documents.

The situation is different when you need legal expertise of a complex of documents which involve a single issue or are necessary for a certain operation or when a mixed agreement is provided for examination that contains provisions of various types of contracts (for instance, equipment rental plus its delivery and installation work), in a situation where the contract price is very high. In these cases it is recommended to have a written conclusion, giving details of all legal violations committed in the course of preparation of this document, a list of errors, drawbacks and "pitfalls", identification of adverse conditions for you project in the proposed agreement as well as written recommendation of a specialist on how to eliminate these defects. Moreover, after examination of a number of judicial documents and analysis of judicial practice, our specialist will suggest various ways of legal solutions to the complex of available issues.

In the course of legal expertise of lease contracts, contracts of delivery, work and labour contracts, service agreements, marriage contracts, deeds of gift for an apartment, preliminary contracts for purchase and sale of an apartment, cottage (advance / deposit / prepayment), contracts of assignment of rights (for newly built buildings), credit contracts (mortgage, consumer, loan agreements), and other types of contracts and documents related to real estate, mortgage and credit, family and civil law (contracts of sale and purchase, gift, rent, privatization, inheritance), amendments to a contract, a specialist of “Business Solutions” company will suggest amendments to the text of the contract, prepare a memorandum of disagreements to the contract, draw up a supplementary agreement to the contract.

In the case of a real estate transaction, with our expertise we can help you to avoid the risks and uncertainties of the transaction, to obtain written advice from a lawyer on housing law, to make a decision on purchase being sure that the transaction done is transparent. Legal document analysis begins with the authentication of property rights, restrictions on property rights in order to exclude possible legal and illegal claims of third parties for real estate and property rights. In order to avoid the consequences of violations of the current legislation by the previous owners, it is necessary to analyze prior transactions with the object that interests you. A lawyer’s participation in the transaction reduces the risks of real estate ownership loss, litigation and claims of counterparties.

In case there is a need to issue new documents or amend the documents given for examination, our experts will provide you with such opportunity as a separate service. It is possible to draw up a contract, the contents of which is settled and particularized by the Civil Code and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation, that can be mixed or unique, created to your specific situation.

While examining complicated legal documents it is important to determine the basis of the study, legislation compliance of which shall be checked. In conclusion, our expert will definitely offer to include the conditions that are necessary to protect your rights and interests.

Incorrect preparation and execution of documents may entail negative consequences. For example, if it concerns contracts, then the consequences may be as follows:

 - a contract may be canceled (articles 166 -181 of the Civil Code);

- a contract may be recognized as unconcluded;

- a contract may not bring the expected results;

- a contract may lead to unintended tax expenses;

- an incorrectly signed contract may cause a necessity for procedures in various court instances.

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