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Юридические услуги

Services for private customers

(personal lawyer 24 hours a day)

“Business Solutions” company offers a unique service of an annual round the clock legal support for individuals - "Personal Lawyer" service.

An ordinary person in practice gets into situations where it is simply impossible to do without assistance of a professional lawyer. In life we meet with different circumstances, illegal actions of other people, officials, different companies and organizations. An insurance company in the case of insurance event refuses to pay money, a store takes money for delivery of furniture and delivers it late and with some items missing, an illegal dismissal from job, acquisition or alienation of immovable property, inheritance matters, family and housing issues and many others.

To feel comfortable, to avoid problems and be ready for them, to minimize losses and possible consequences it is always necessary to have rapid and qualified legal assistance.

“Personal lawyer” is a service of continuous legal support of a private person in everyday life that gives the opportunity to get support, advice, recommendations in any situations by simply dialing a phone number, coming to the office or by calling a "Personal lawyer" to your place;

This is an opportunity to use knowledge and experience of lawyers for your personal / family purposes;

This is confidence and tranquility, you always know that you won’t be alone face to face with the problem;

What opportunities does the service "Personal lawyer" open for you?
How and when you can use it:
- legal assistance is needed now, immediately, then the time will be lost;
- urgent need for a reply to the question - "How to proceed in this situation?"
- legal consulting is often needed;
- you feel more comfortable when you know that you can consult with a lawyer;
- you want to consult for personal / family issues, not so important to spend time and money specifically on it;

- you think that you will not cope with the situation on your own and you need the presence of a lawyer;
- you urgently need to prepare a letter, complaint, claim, etc.;
- you need a legal assessment of relations;
- you need legal expertise.

How to find out about the cost of services and order a professional consultation?

Contact us by phone 8 (473) 257 38 03, write an email to the address: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. or send a message to our employee using the feedback form.